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Casino Malabata

290,400 sqft

Tangier, Morocco

Five-star hotel & casino


Hotel 225,900 sqft 

Ground floor lobby amenities & BOH 64,500 sqft 

Six floors with 250 suites & six presidential suites 161,400 sqft 


Cast-in-place concrete structure 

Spanish marble cladding over CMU shell


Casino 64,500 sqft 

Ground floor lobby & 120 slot machines 12,900 sqft 

Levels 2, 3 and 4 are open mezzanines with 30 game tables & restaurants 38,700 sqft 

Level 5 BOH 12,900 sqft 

Surface parking


Cast-in-place concrete structure with L-shaped columns at the perimeter

The floor slabs are hung from the surrounding L-shaped columns

Glass curtain wall & Spanish marble cladding over cast-in-place concrete shell


Design info:

The project is located at the shore of the Malabata peninsula by the Mediterranean Sea in Tangier. 

The hotel suites feature a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The casino and hotel were designed as separate structures because of gaming regulations but both buildings share the BOH.

The casino ground floor is stepped down to connect the elevated street to the beach level.